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Why Is California Flood Insurance Essential For Luxury Homeowners?

Home owner’s insurance is essential if you are living along the beautiful coast of California.

Did you know that normal homeowner’s insurance does not include flood insurance?

It’s important to consider investing in flood insurance as well as having a homeowner’s insurance policy for protection against storm damage. If you don’t have flood insurance, you may be liable to pay for the repair of damages yourself; hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Read on to discover why California flood insurance is necessary for luxury homeowners right now.

California flood insurance from Save-On Insurance Services

Flooding is a Random Natural Disaster

According to Fema, floods have caused more than $7.1 billion dollars in damage over the last ten years.

Natural disasters of all kinds are random and unpredictable. From hurricanes to wildfires, these weather conditions can become sudden problems for your home. Be sure you find yourself protection from the damages associated with flooding with the right amount of flood insurance coverage.

Spending money on fixing up your home should not go to waste.

If you live in a gated community, you should talk with your neighbors to find out what type of flood insurance premiums they pay on a monthly basis. Comparing prices from privately owned insurance companies is another way you to lead yourself to the best plan that works for your yearly income. You can also see spending money on flood insurance as another step to protecting your large financial investment.

Purchasing your home is a major life step.

Most people save up for years before they finally have enough money set aside to buy a beautiful home for their family to live in for years to come. As a homeowner, you should take special care in all of the investments you make to live comfortably.

You picked out the perfect furniture to decorate the interior of your home, but don’t forget about the outside! The exterior can easily fall apart if you don’t make the necessary steps to keeping it dry and unchanged even when a disaster strikes your area.

Don’t let something like flooding affect your home!

Have the confidence you need to go about your day-to-day life knowing your house will be covered and all damages will be accounted for with the best flood insurance possible.

California Flood Insurance and Rivers

In a bustling state like Florida, flood insurance is just a standard for homeowners with inevitable flooding due to the annual effects of hurricanes.

Hurricane Irma was a catastrophic storm that affected millions of residents throughout the entire state from Miami to Jacksonville and devastated a lot of luxury homes. The lucky ones were able to use their flood insurance deductibles to file claims to start rebuilding their houses as soon as possible.

In a state like California, hurricanes may not be as frequently prevalent however rive or ravine flooding is something that puts a lot of luxury homeowners at risk. The streets you used to drive on begin to flood and the river becomes uncontrollable. The muddy and unstable hills in the area are also to blame. Tens of thousands of residents will be ordered to leave their homes if persistent rain storms continue to increase the water levels of nearby rivers.

Mother nature is not always kind to us. If you are willing to talk to an insurance agent, you can find an affordable way to purchase your own flood insurance to cover lost items due to a torrential downpour.

You want to be one of those people who files a claim and can quickly begin the process of rebuilding the damaged parts of your home, too. Flood insurance will help you get there more quickly.

Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Some property owners don’t understand who needs flood insurance in the first place. So, let us be clear… Any resident home owner living in California needs to invest in flood insurance because flood waters start to build up over time with atmospheric rivers sweeping in from the sea and through the Moccasin Dam.

A season’s worth of rain funnels in and allows mud to gradually flow into the streets. These blasts of dangerous weather patterns are typically fast. The rain makes the hills muddy and slippery to deal with on a regular basis.

If your home is located on the hills, you need California flood insurance indefinitely. That means you live within a floodplain and are more likely to experience issues with flooding during the wettest months.

If you live near dams or rivers, you also want to purchase the right amount of coverage to ensure damage to your property will be taken care of.

Check with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Flood Maps to see where your home falls into place. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Flood Maps are designed to help you see exactly where your home fits and if it appears to be in a high-risk region.

In California, flood insurance policies will cover:

  1. River overflows
  2. Mudflows
  3. Levee breaks

Determine your risk online right now. You can simply visit this website: to learn more about your flood risk.

Ready to Invest in a Flood Policy?

Many homeowners neglect to invest in flood insurance when they live in the Southern California region.

We hope this article explains why you should consider adding a flood insurance policy to your home today.

The coverage can be rather in expensive relative to potentially costly repairs The average cost runs about $411, which is a little over $1 per day for a mid-range single family home, but every situation is different and every home policy is different; especially when it comes to luxury home property, so it’s recommended you call for a personalized quote.

Are you interested in protecting your home from river floods?

Feel free to reach out to our insightful team at Save-on Insurance Services if you are ready to begin taking the next steps to buy the right California flood insurance for your home.