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Homeowners Save-On California Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance with Save-On Insurance

You have a policy on your car and home, so you’re covered, right?  The many claims that umbrella insurance is only for rich people is one that is completely false today. Umbrella liability insurance is fairly affordable. In addition it can be coordinated with your existing insurance policies. The truth is, your regular insurance will only protect you to a certain extent, and Liability coverage has limits applied to any policy you choose. So, you need to consider an umbrella policy to help protect you when you reach those coverage limits with your regular policy.

Umbrella insurance sits on top of your auto and homeowners liability policies in order to provide you with extra protection. Some areas in which umbrella insurance covers are:

  1. If you are in an auto accident in which you get sued under your own auto insurance policy.
  2. If your neighbor or someone you do not know slipped and fell on your property causing personal injury to themselves, and you are sued under your homeowners insurance.
  3. Or in the case of a natural disaster in which another person’s property is damaged.

When you’re looking for quotes in and around the Los Angeles area, here is what you need to know about available umbrella insurance coverage:

An umbrella insurance policy can ensure you are ready for anything and everything when it comes to liability coverage. An umbrella policy extends your regular insurance coverage limits to cover accidents or problems that are not under your regular insurance policy. And, there is personal umbrella as well as commercial/business umbrella policy options.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Umbrella Insurance

There are several situations in which an umbrella is great to have in place. Accidents can and will happen, so it’s helpful to be prepared for the worst, and save money in the long run. Here are a few instances you may find yourself in where you’ll be grateful to have umbrella insurance:

  • If you are in a serious car accident and are responsible for someone’s injury in a crash.
  • If someone hurts themselves in your home or on other personal or commercial property. If your pet bites the neighbor, someone trips and falls, or there are unsafe conditions in your home or commercial space, you could be in for an expensive lawsuit that regular insurance plans won’t cover.
  • If you are a landlord, and someone is hurt in a rental property that you own.
  • If you are sued for slander, libel, false arrest, or shock and mental anguish.

Added Benefits

An advantage to having personal umbrella insurance is that it pays anywhere from $1 million to $5 million or more of a claim. This is on top of what your basic policies already pays.

Umbrella liability coverage is not too expensive, either. Save-On Insurance can help you to find a very affordable price payment. The premiums for a $1 million dollar coverage would have you paying $200 to about $300 a year. In addition, the costs depend on certain factors such as the insurance company issuing the policy, the amount of coverage and your own personal risk factors, for example your driving record, whether it is good or bad.

The greatest advantage to having umbrella insurance is that it can offer you great comfort and reduce any unnecessary stress. The reason for this is because if your neighbor or any random person were to get injured on your property, or if you were to get into a car accident that was your fault, you would be covered.

So, you want to be protected, but the real question is: how much extra does an umbrella option cost?

Get a quote and save on Los Angeles and Southern California umbrella insurance premiums. The cost of protecting yourself might be much lower than even one car accident in which your car is totaled and others are injured. Don’t take a chance, get a quote from Save-On Insurance now!

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