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8 Tips for a Great BBQ

8 Great Tips for Another Great BBQ –

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Are you throwing a barbecue this summer and want it to be better than your neighbors? Be sure to plan ahead and consider including these 8 tips into your BBQ to ensure that guests leave saying yours was the best all summer:

  1. Theme – Pick a theme to encourage party-goers to dress up. This will also help you pick the music for the fun day.
  2. Entertainment – Pair the music with the party theme and put out theme-related games out for everyone to play.
  3. What You Grill Matters – Don’t stick with the typical burgers and hot dogs. Opt for some shrimp and pepper kabobs or tri-tip steak.
  4. Safety First – Follow all grilling safety regulations and be sure to follow the appropriate safe food handling rules to ensure no guests leave with food poisoning. That will surely make the competition speed past you.
  5. Plan Ahead – Marinate your meat 24 hours ahead to ensure great flavor.
  6. Be Considerate – Account for any allergies or any vegan or vegetarian guests that probably won’t enjoy that nice hunk of meat you’ve got there on the grill. Have a variety beverage selections as well.
  7. Don’t Be Cheap – If you’re going to have a party, have a party. Don’t buy cheap meat that your guests won’t enjoy.
  8. Most Importantly – ENJOY! Don’t spend the whole time grilling. Be sure to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence.

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