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Temporary Auto Insurance 101

If you are an infrequent driver, you may want to put your money towards a temporary car insurance policy as opposed to a long-term auto insurance policy. Temporary insurance policies are those that provide the necessary coverage for specific dates of driving. This type of insurance is not automatically renewable and is only suitable for those that fit the necessary criteria.

Criteria for Temporary Auto Insurance:

  • If you are between policies but still need to drive
  • If you are insuring a rental car for a cross-country road trip
  • If you will have house guests that need to drive for a short period of time
  • If you have temporary ownership of a vehicle
  • If you have a vehicle in storage that needs protection
  • If you have a car that you will be selling soon
  • If you have out of town visitors that will be using a car for a short period of time
  • If you have a college student home for vacation that will need to drive a car for a short period of time
  • If you need immediate drive-away insurance after you’ve just purchased a new car

Contact the insurance experts at Save-On Insurance Services for all of your Los Angeles auto insurance needs. We can help determine if your needs require a temporary auto insurance plan.