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Vacation Homeowners Insurance

Vacation Homeowners Insurance from Save-On Insurance

Many people in Southern California also own a vacation home they go to relax and take time off from the rigors of the real world. But, just because it’s your vacation home does not mean it shouldn’t be insured. Unlike your primary house, a vacation home would require a different type of property insurance.

One factor that can affect the coverage of your vacation home is the amount of times that you use it. The fact of the reality is that many people who own vacation homes do not use it on regular bases. It is mostly used only during summer vacations or every other month or so for a couple of days. This also means that the risk of something going wrong is higher because you are not always around. For example, a lightning strike, a tree falling on your house, fire, break in, there really is no way for you to know if any of these things occur. So the fact that you’re not around your vacation home as much may very well prevent you from obtaining full homeowners insurance coverage.

Three general dwelling property insurance policies exist for those who own a secondary home or vacation home, based on policies developed by the Insurance Services Office.

  1. Dwelling Property 1 – This is the basic form. The coverage under this is provided for lightning, fire, or internal explosions. No coverage for any additional living expenses or personal property is offered.
  2. Dwelling Property 2 – This is the broad form. In actuality it is just the same thing as the basic form, except it provided coverage for additional living expenses.
  3. Dwelling Property 3 – This is known as the special form. The special form is similar to a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy. The difference is that there is no liability/medical payments coverage or theft coverage for personal property with this special form.

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