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Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance from Save-On Insurance

Whether you own a regular house or a mobile house, having it insured should be your top priority. Save-On Insurance has been insuring customers with mobile homes for years and for great cheap and affordable prices that each and every customer and afford.

Why Have Mobile Home Insurance?

In life, unexpected accidents and or disasters can take place at any given time. Especially while living in Southern California, we know all too often the danger of an earthquake and the damage that it can cause to your home, including risks of fire damage. Many people simply do not have the money to pay for the damages caused to their homes, which is why having mobile home insurance is the smart choice.

Mobile home insurance basically covers your mobile home and any other structures that you own that are on the same piece of land as your home, but may not specifically be attached to it. It covers all forms of loss unless the policy you have specifically states otherwise. The policy usually covers, but does not limit to, explosions, fires, lightning, and damage from objects that may fall onto your home, etc.

Your mobile home insurance policy also covers personal possessions such as anything you may have inside of your house or any personal possessions that you may own outside your house, such as a tool shed. Most importantly, we offer personal liability protection along with the mobile home insurance. If you accidently cause injury to someone or property damage to somebody who does not live in your home, you will most probably face some expensive out of pocket expenses, especially after your through with the court cases. Your mobile home insurance policy can pay for the medical bills for that other person.

In order to find out more information, simply give us a phone call or walk in to one of our nearest locations to you, to find out how you can get cheap and affordable mobile home insurance today. We will also provide you with a quote as well as quotes from different insurance companies to show you how much you will be saving with us.