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Homeowners Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance for Homeowners Through Save-On Insurance

There is one thing that is certain if you live in Southern California and that is earthquakes.

An earthquake can strike anytime, anywhere and without any warning. Most homeowner insurance policies do not cover earthquake damages. It usually has to be bought separately.

Many people simply assume that their current insurance policy on their home covers earthquake damage. But if you were to look at a typical policy you would see that earthquake damage is not covered. Then there are some people who are dependent on government disaster-relief programs, but what many of them do not know is that they are only made to help you out a little after some sort of disaster, not replace your home or anything that may have been lost.

Southern Californian homeowners already have a burden of money to pay for their house. Imagine paying what you already pay for your house, in addition to another couple thousand dollars out of pocket to cover damages that could be caused by an earthquake, it is just not worth it. For those that have a typical home loan and deed of trust, you are still responsible for the loan balance even after your home is damaged or possibly destroyed after an earthquake.

There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure your house is safe in case an earthquake were to strike. Hire an expert to come and check the foundation of your home. Check to see if it is on a solid foundation and it built in a way to withstand the force of an earthquake. It is the law in Southern California that every new house is built under specific earthquake standards and that they are built in such a way to be able to handle the force of an earthquake. So make sure your house is also up to date. This can save you from having any substantial damages occur to your house, as well as saving you from having to pay any more money than you would need to.

Depending on the location of where you live, you could either be considered for living in an area that has high risk or low risk of an earthquake. But do not think that just because you live in an area that has not received an earthquake for many years that it means you are safe. Earthquake faults build up tension for many years until they finally are released as a strong shake.

Let Save-On Insurance protect you and your home with great and affordable earthquake insurance.

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