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One of your most valuable assets in life is your personal dwelling! It’s where lay your head, where you raise your children, where your celebrate milestones with family and friends, your home. So, why wouldn’t you do whatever you could to protect it, its contents, its value?


Condo or Home Insurance
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It is a place of comfort and privacy. Your home is your place of comfort, privacy and the escape from the stresses of everyday living. The last thing you would want is for your house to be damaged by something and worry about having enough money to fix it because your house is not insured. So, it only make sense to ensure you have the best home or condo insurance available to protect your dwelling and assets.

It does not matter if you still have 10, 15, 20 years left on your mortgage, your home is truly one of your most essential financial investments. If you own your condo or home and are currently living in it, you need insurance on your place of residence to make sure your home and personal belonging are protected. And, we know, living in Southern California can bring many unexpected risks such as an earthquake, brush fire, or a severe storm bringing in heavy flooding. All of these situations can be a risk to your house; causing serious damage, and leave you paying expensive repair bills. Not many people are able to pay these expenses out of pocket, which is why Save-On Insurance is offering its customers a wide variety of insurance coverages and options to make sure they are thoroughly protected.

Save-On Insurance understands not every Southern California homeowner has insurance on their home, and this is because they either don’t understand the value of having coverage or they haven’t found a solution fitting their needs, answering their concerns, or meeting their budgets. Save-On Insurance Services wants to help protect property owners, in every way possible, by insuring homes & dwellings; whether you have a traditional house, condo or townhouse, so they have the most comprehensive protection from the most affordable home insurance company available in the market today.

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Save-On Earthquake Insurance Save-On Fire Insurance Save-On Flood Insurance

Save-On Insurance can protect your home, its structure and its contents. And, with fire insurance, earthquake, flood, or an umbrella policy Save-On Insurance Services can help you shore up that policy and fill-in any gaps you might have. And, you don’t need to be living in the property yourself to protect your assets from accidents.

If you own your home but are renting it out to someone else, you will need what is called a “dwelling fire” policy which covers personal property and dwellings against the threat of wind, fire, smoke, and explosion. You can also cover vandalism as well as other causes of loss.  And, in the case of an emergency such as damage due to an earthquake or having the inside of your house damaged due to flooding from excessive rain, not having an insurance policy that can cover these expenses can cause an even greater issues. There are not many people that can afford the payments for their house in the event it is seriously damaged. This is another reason Save-On Insurance offers its customers all types of different insurance policies to ensure they’re protected.

The beauty of having insurance for these certain types of damages and situations is that the insurance company will cover the damages done to your house as well as pay the cost for having to rebuild your house in the event that it should completely be broken down. It is not worth the hassle and stress of finding a way to pay for the damages done to your house; instead let Save-On Insurance’s homeowners insurance put your mind at ease.

Save-On Vacation Home Insurance Save-On Condo Insurance Save-On Apartment Insurance

And, if you’re looking for specialty insurance for your home, Save-On Insurance Services has you covered there too. Not only does Save-On insure people who own and live in standard residential real estate property, we but we also insure people who live in a mobile home, a condo or town home,  or even a vacation home. You can also find coverage for apartment living as well. Apartment insurance covers your personal property rather than the dwelling framework itself, but it’s just as important to protect your personal assets.

Don’t forget the discounts Save-On Insurance Services offers for having insurance on your Los Angeles County or Orange County area residence.

Whether you’re living in the West Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Encino, Woodland Hills or even Malibu, Long Beach or Huntington Beach, Save-On Insurance has the programs for you. If you have certain safety features installed into your home, such as deadbolt locks, alarm, central fire and theft alarm, 24-hour security, fire sprinkler system, or if your property is located in a gated community, has recently been updated with newer electrical, plumbing, heating or roof, or is a newly constructed home, has been retrofitted, or is claim-free, you may be able to qualify for added discounts on your policy.

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Payment Options

Many times homeowners find their insurance and mortgage payments are bundled together in one payment to the mortgage company or bank. If that is an issue for you, Save-On Insurance Services has options to setup a separate condo or home premium payment plan for you. Your condo or home insurance policy and premiums are specifically designed to protect a variety of personal property and ensure the appropriate coverage on the structure and any type of damage it may encounter, as well as personal liability coverage. But, if you need something a little more,
we have those options, too. For example, do you work from your home? You may need a more comprehensive liability option or special add-ons.

If you want to find out more information about homeowners insurance options, limitations, options and package pricing, just give us a non-obligation call and make an appointment with one of our expert agents today. Remember, your home is one of the most important aspects of your life, do not take the chance to not have it insured, give us a call today and we will give you a quote as well as quotes from competing insurance companies so you can see how much you will be saving with us.

Save-On Insurance provides Los Angeles area homeowners a vast variety of policy options and qualifying discounts. So, contact Save-On Insurance for a free, low-cost condo or home insurance quote today!