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High Value & Luxury Homeowners Insurance Coverage

It’s imperative you invest wisely when it comes to your high-end & luxury homeowners insurance coverage and options.

Save-On Luxury Homeowners Insurance

Not all homeowners policies are created equal, and the traditional home owner’s insurance coverage may not be enough for your luxury property estate. You have a unique piece of property; an estate, your home – you need an equally unique way of protecting this asset. Whether it be luxury estate properties in the Los Angeles area or high value real estate commercial properties in Southern California, it is of the utmost importance to protect these valuable assets with the correct type of insurance.

Save-On Insurance provides the unique solutions you need for your high-value properties and luxury homeowners insurance needs.



Luxury Homeowners Insurance in Los Angeles from Save-On Insurance Services

Why do You Need to Understand the Importance of Luxury Real Estate Insurance?

Not all insurance policies are created the same, especially when it comes to a typical homeowner’s policy and luxury real estate property coverage. Luxury real estate properties tend to house a variety of valuable assets, and a luxury estate insurance policy can provide the coverage you need to protect them, but they caps that limit the compensation you can receive for loss or damages. This cap of compensation barely touches the true value of most luxury real estate owner’s assets; even with additional rider policies.

Do You Know Whether or Not You Need High Value Property Insurance?

Only certain properties are good candidates for luxury homeowners insurance. Save-On Insurance Services, Inc will help you determine whether or not you qualify as a candidate for luxury property insurance products and which companies will be your best options based on a variety of key factors including (but not limited to) your stated real estate values. Some insurance companies deem properties valued at only $350,000 to be high value, while many others have a $750,000 to $1 million minimum value which must be met to qualify for coverage.

Do High Value Real Estate Properties Need High Value Property Insurance?

Many high value estates in California have an assortment of non-residents staying in their home from time to time, including staff members and guests. With a variety of high end assets being on display in these homes, such as furniture and art pieces, wine cellars stocked with expensive wines, or high-end electronics, it is extremely important they be properly protected with the right insurance coverage. It is also important to note high value homes are often targets for burglars and vandals, making it even more pertinent to protect the property and its contents with a luxury real estate insurance policy.

What are Coverage Options for High Value Real Estate Properties?

There are many ways in which a high value real estate or luxury homeowners insurance policy differs from standard homeowner’s insurance. For starters, it can provide excess liability protection with added umbrella liability coverage. Furthermore, you can take advantage of liability coverage for domestic help; this is very beneficial if a property manager, staff, or business manager is hurt on the property while on the job. High value estate insurance is also advantageous because it provides flood insurance; most standard policies do not. And lastly, this type of insurance can include medical coverage for your pets, coverage on your vacation homes, and even kidnap and ransom coverage.

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Unlike other captive insurance agencies who are limited in regard to the carriers and products offered, Save-On Insurance Services, Inc is not. We are an independent insurance agency empowered to find the best available policy in the market and customize it to fit your budget and financial & asset protection goals.

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