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High Risk Auto Insurance Solutions

Finding affordable auto insurance if you’re considered a high risk driver in California can be challenging, but Save-On Insurance can help!

Save-On Risky Drivers
Other insurance companies will either charge drivers ridiculously high prices for being a high-risk driver or will simply deny coverage altogether.  High risk drivers have an advocate in the insurance industry in and around the Los Angeles area. Save-On Insurance makes it their mission to provide customers of any status the lowest premium costs available in the market today, but for those considered to be high risk drivers, this can mean the difference between of having insurance and being able to drive or not. With Save-On Insurance, it doesn’t matter how much of a high risk driver you are; only that you have access to quality coverage at a fair price.

What do insurance companies consider to be a high risk driver?

A risky driver is defined as anyone who has received multiple traffic violations or speeding ticket, has been involved in multiple car accidents, has been issued a DUI or even more serious offenses with a suspended license and now require an SR-22 policy for reinstatement, has no current insurance history and/or poor credit history, or are an inexperienced driver (such as adolescent or teenage drivers). Senior drivers are also cause for concern with some insurance companies.

Save-On High Risk Drivers - Accident Claims

Learn more about what to do after an accident.

Save-On High Risk Insurance - License Suspensions

Save-On Teenage Drivers Insurance

SO, what do you do if you’re an at-risk or high-risk driver and you need insurance? Even if you’ve had a suspended license or you are a teenage driver in need of full coverage policy for less, there are things you can do to lower your costs.

  1. Get a free, no-obligation quote with Save-On Insurance Services by calling 310-474-7283. This will give you an idea of what your insurance premium could be based on your driving record and other qualification factors. Save-On works with some of the most established insurance companies servicing drivers in California. Their access to numerous major companies allows them the ability to shop the best rates for you.
  2. Trade in your older model vehicle for a newer car with better or more safety features and standards in place.
  3. Abide all traffic laws and rules of the road. If you can avoid any traffic violations or claims within a 3-year period could help reduce your policy costs.
  4. If you’ve had a moving traffic violation, or are senior or teenage driver, consider taking a driving course from the CA DMV.

Getting Low Rates on High Risk Car Insurance in Southern California Has Never Been Easier!

Save-On Insurance is among the best in providing lower cost coverage options when it comes to high risk car owners. The number one goal at Save-On Insurance is to get drivers the lowest and most affordable insurance payment above all other insurance companies in the market. Save-On will gladly compare their policy rates with other insurance companies with an applicant either over the phone or in person. If Save-On isn’t able to assist you in getting what you need from an insurance company, you simply walk away, no obligation.

Besides assuring the best available automobile insurance coverage in all of Southern California, Save-On guarantees top customer service. So, contact Save-On Insurance, regardless of your driving record, and request a free auto insurance. Request a quote online, over the phone at 310-474-7283, or by visiting our local office.

You are covered with a Save-On Insurance Services Auto Insurance Policy!

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