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Light Commercial & Business Vehicle Insurance

Options For Your Business Auto and 

Light Commercial Vehicle Insurance Needs

Save-On Business Vehicles

Save-On Insurance Services offers some of the lowest and most affordable prices on business vehicle insurance products of any other insurance company in Los Angeles/Western Los Angeles and surrounding southern California communities. Save-On’s business auto insurance covers a number of different commercial vehicle types from smaller delivery vehicles, to larger passenger vans and business-owned corporate cars. Save-On Insurance not only has a number of products for those companies and businesses with strong ratings and a history of good, clean driving records, but we also offer options for new businesses in the market with little credit or minor blemishes.

We insure drivers with either good or bad driving records.

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Save-On Good Driver Discounts

If you have a clean driving record and have kept it that way for a long period of time Save-On Insurance can help you find the best available insurance rates by maximizing all available discounts on your account.

We offer a variety of additional discounts.

Not only does Save-On insure commercial drivers with competitive commercial auto insurance rates, they also provide a number of discounts on those policies; depending on the circumstance of the individual business. As an independent insurance agency in California, Save-On Insurance makes it their business to find the most affordable options for their customers’ specialized commercial vehicle services & business. Although the availability of these discounts and their restrictions will vary from carrier to carrier, some of the most common discounts available in the market today include:

Multi-Policy Discounts

Businesses might qualify for this discount if they have other insurance products written through Save-On Insurance such as a business-owner’s policy or general liability policy.

Claim-Free Renewal Discounts

Save-On insurance may be able to provide a discount on your second cycle of coverage upon renewal when the business stays clean, or claim-free during their original cycle year of coverage.

Years in Business Discounts

Established business with strong, or healthy business ratings may qualify for this discount depending on the number of years they’ve been in business, and business in good-standing.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Discounts 

Businesses employing drivers with a clean commercial driver’s license might qualify for additional discounts depending on the length of employment and status of driving records.

Full-Payment Discounts

Not all carriers offer the same discounts, or may have different qualifications for those discounts, but this is one to inquire about. In many cases, if you’re willing to pay the premium costs in full for the year you could qualify for an instant discount.

Other discounts that may be taken into consideration could be industry specific and may include discounts if  the commercial vehicle has a security system; such as a lojack or an alarm system, if the vehicles have low mileage on the odometer, or if the vehicles include an anti-lock braking system.

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As an independent insurance agency we have access to multiple companies and can provide you with a free quote. So, what do you have to lose? See how much money you would be saving with a commercial vehicle insurance quote from Save-On Insurance.

Many insurance companies are not willing to insure drivers who are considered to be high risk or have otherwise bad driving records. Drivers who fall into this category usually find themselves having to pay ridiculously high amounts of money due to their personal driving records. But, Save-On insurance doesn’t believe in having to penalize customers for their driving records. They work hard to find cost effective solutions that can work in your favor; despite a personal situation.

Let’s face it, if you’re a business owner with employees with less than stellar driving records using the corporate car, or the business itself doesn’t have great credit, then you know the painstaking costs involved. The worst part is that it only takes one auto accident, a DUIs, or traffic violation (traffic ticket) to cause the rate of your business auto insurance to increase by leaps and bounds.

Save-On Insurance Services offer the best coverage options for high risk commercial driver insurance. They make it their mission to help business owners find the lowest available cost insurance options and best available benefits.

Save-On understands the monthly costs of owning a light commercial vehicle. And insurance premiums for businesses with company cars or independent shipping & transportation drivers of light commercial vehicles can be a headache for many. For many contracted or independent drivers, taking up a second job becomes a necessity just so they can afford the insurance premium payments. Save-On Insurance strives to reduce stress of the cost of premiums and ensure having to take up a second job will be a last resort.

Coverage Proof of Continuous Coverage Can Save You Money With Save-On Insurance

Save-On Insurance can also help you lower your monthly costs of insurance simply by showing you have been paying a continuous coverage on your insurance. A continuous coverage simply means that you have stayed with your current insurance for some time and have not switched over to any other insurance provider. In addition, your payments and renewal to your current insurance provider has always been on time.

Drivers who are considered “high risk drivers” are not seen as a problem at Save-On Insurance, it just means it’s time to get creative.

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