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Business Liability and Workers Comp Policy Options

Save-On Offers Comprehensive Business Owner Policies, General Liability Insurance, Worker’s Comp Options and more.

Save-On Business Owners Insurance Options

Save-On Insurance Services provides its Los Angeles area business clients with the know-how and experience to match any business type with the right insurance protection for the here-and now, and into the future.

Businesses are nothing without trust; the trust of their customers, the trust of their employees, and the trust of their partnered organizations! And, trust is why insurance is such a vital part of a business’s operation and ecosystem. But, trust goes both ways. It’s why Save-On Insurance works with dozens of the top rated insurance companies to bring its customers the most comprehensive business insurance options at the right price.

Save-On specializes in a number of business and commercial policy options to help secure your business assets including Business Owner Policies (or BOP’s), General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance (otherwise known as Errors and Omissions or E&O), and Workers Compensation.

If you want business insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs, you want Save-On Insurance.

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Errors & Omissions Insurance is one of the most common
Business Policies in the state of California.

Often referred to a Professional Liability Insurance, E&O is often used by businesses who offer professional or personal services direct to consumers. Think about real estate agents, title agents, consultants, attorneys, or those in the healthcare or health & wellness industry to name just a few.

Errors and Omissions insurance provides coverage to a professional should a customer (or related subject) make a claim for monetary compensation against the business owner or company due to negligence or misconduct. This could be brought on by anything from perceived monetary harm to slander. A professional liability policy could help cover court and legal fees, or even settlement costs or judgments against the business/business owner; not exceeding policy limitations.

General Liability Insurance is one of the most basic,
and often under utilized insurance policies.

Liability insurance coverage is vital to protect business owners from property damage claims, claims for injuries occurring on premise, and claims for personal or advertising injuries that can put business assets at risk of financial loss. This can also cover a business while working on-site at customer’s property in case of accidental costly damage to their property. Claims such as this are typically covered under a Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGLI) policy.  Some insurance companies will include a CGLI in their BOP policies. Here is a short list of some of those items covered in a Commercial General Liability policy that can effect a business even if they did nothing wrong:

  • Negligence
  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury
  • Reputation Harm – Libel & Slander – Optional Coverage
  • Copyright Infringements and More – Optional Coverage

A Business Owners Policy is unique package of insurance coverage.

Save-On Insurance Service’s BOP combines business property coverage with general liability insurance coverage. It’s comprehensive balance of protection is perfect for the small business owner up to a larger corporation who may have a need to insure business equipment and technology as long as its been listed by the policy; whether the loss occurred on the immediate premise or not. Think about sales staff traveling with company issued laptops or phones where one is lost, damaged or stolen while working away from the office. The right policy can help replace the loss up to the limits of the select policy and ensure the business can keep on operating.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation is the insurance that acts as a safety net for both a business’s employees and staff members in case of any injuries while employed.

In the event a California worker is injured while on the job, worker’s compensation protects employees against potential lawsuits and injury costs, and ensures fair and unburdened compensation for work related injuries sustained or diseases. It provides wage replacement, payment for potential economic loss, and even medical expense reimbursement if a loss is incurred.

In exchange for these myriad benefits, the worker, in a vast majority of cases, relinquish rights to sue the California employer or business for negligence. The business is afforded a greater risk management position which reduces employer liability.

What are some examples of possible work-related injuries?

  • Injury while operating heavy equipment or lifting heavy objects
  • Accidental slip, trip or fall
  • Accidental injury while traveling to a customer location
  • Repetitive job related stress while working on the job
  • Unhealthy work conditions or job duties cause or aggravate a disease

High X-Modification

An additional facet of worker’s compensation is the x-modification factor. All businesses within a certain industry have shared “experience modification;” for some, it’s referred to as x-modification.

Per industry, there’s a certain expectation of how likely an illness or injury is to occur on the job. Individual businesses within that shared pool that manage a lower average get a lower x-modification factor. Those that net a higher average of illness or injury are classified as ones having a high x-modification factor. These factors directly affect the company’s premium. The higher the x-modification factor, the higher the premium, and in some cases, this can be a pretty high multiplier.

How We Help

Navigating the world of business liability and workers comp, as well as x-modifications can be exceptionally difficult. That’s where Save-On Insurance Services comes in.

Recommended by Forbes magazine, Save-On Insurance can save clients time and money by finding the best insurance matches for them without breaking administrative budgets.

In the realm of business liability and workers comp, that means we can find programs tailored to help small business owners, mid-size companies, and large companies alike. It doesn’t matter if your business has one employee or one thousand employees. Need programs that include worker’s compensation in payroll? We have them. Concerned about compensation claims? Our risk management expertise can reduce them.

Worried about having a high x-modification rate? Never fear—the companies we coordinate with have some of the most affordable rates for those with them.

Our insurance match-making skills do not discriminate based on business. Save-On Insurance Services guides contractors, builders, manufacturing companies, and all other manners of business with equal ability. We search throughout our entire Golden State for the most golden insurance possibilities.

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Save-On Insurance is a leaders in the West Los Angeles and throughout the Southern California region for Commercial Insurance Products and Services. And, we are here to save you time and money. To get started finding the best worker’s compensation plan for your business, fill out the form on this page. If you’d like to talk to one of our agents over the phone, please feel free to contact us at (310) 474-7283.

And, ask about additional business insurance options and discounts available.

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